How to Obtain Lithuania Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) by Investing

To obtain Lithuanian temporary residence permit you must visit the country on a valid visa to complete the formalities of registering and establishing a company.

This arrangement works under statutes of visa requiring involvement in a lawful activity to be eligible for a TRP. You must

  • Get a company incorporated under the law of Republic of Lithuania as an owner and management stake holder, or
  • Must invest in an ongoing business and become a stakeholder in the concern having a share of such an organization.

The investment stipulation for both the options is LTL 10000 (approx EU 2896.20) which must be fulfilling the criteria of owning at least 10% of capital or voting representation. Minimum authorized capital parameter is LTL 50000 (EUR 14500 approx).

To complete these formalities and satisfy subsequent stipulations of managing the business you must be present in the country. The company must be active and in an operation.

To substantiate importance of your presence to manage the affairs and business of the company incorporated or partnered, you must supply an agreement

  • Indicating your rank as being in management
  • Drawing salary from the company
  • Paying taxes as per Lithuanian tax regime

To obtain a temporary visa you must supply all needed documents in person relevant to the migration office under ministry of interior or republic of Lithuania

  • Passport bearing valid visa
  • Photographs
  • Essential documents substantiating the reasons fro grant of TRP i.e. proof of incorporation of company as per Lithuanian statutes
  • Documents substantiating your claim of presence required in the country to effectively manage the company's operations and business
  • Proof of residence in Lithuania
  • A valid health insurance proof
  • State duty fee receipt copy

The evaluation of the application for TRP takes around 6 months.

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