Procedure for Obtaining Lithuania TRP

A foreigner applying for the first temporary residence permit can apply with the embassy of the mission of Lithuania in his country or within Lithuania if he is visiting Lithuania on a Valid visa. If the person is putting up in Lithuania then application must be submitted to the nearest Migration Service office of a territorial police agency in the region where the stay in intended.

Necessary documents needed for TRP are

  1. A letter addressed to Lithuania consulate explaining purpose, duration and tentative date of travel to the country along with details of prospective residence while being in Lithuania
  2. Your passport having a minimum validity for a period of 3 months beyond the validity of visa requested. Passport must also have atleast 2 blank pages for necessary stamping
  3. 2 recent passport 34mm x 45mm color photographs
  4. Duly filled and signed application form
  5. An overseas health insurance document substantiating your possession of necessary health cover to cover any medical expenditure while being on stay in visa period in Lithuania
  6. Proofs substantiating right to enter back into home country of current residence
  7. In case of the documents being submitted by your representative or authorized person, an authorization duly authenticated and notified as required by the Lithuanian authorities in name of person presenting your documents at the immigration office or the consulate must accompany the application
  8. Letter of invitation if available from a Lithuanian resident or citizen declaring
    • contact details of inviting person with signatures and date,
    • copy of inviter's passport or Lithuanian residence permit and passport of home country
    • duration and purpose of travel to country
    • address of subsequent residence in the country
  9. Receipt of the visa fee
  10. Incase consular fee waiver is granted, documents substantiating fee waiver must be supplied

Submission of application for TRP does not in anyway make you eligible for stay in the country. To submit your application for TRP while being in Lithuania it is essential that you must be in the country on a valid visa. The first application evaluation takes a maximum of 6 months and has a validity of 1 year, which can be subsequently renewed for 5 terms annually. Having received a notification about the decision and wishing to formalize the permit, you must address the nearest Migration Service. However, a positive decision on a permission to reside temporarily in Lithuania does not give you the right to stay in the country without a visa or to exceed the period granted for a visa-free stay.

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